The NT Rural Sub Branch was incorporated in 2001 and has membership all over the Territory.

We have regular monthly meetings where issues important to Veterans, serving & ex-serving members of the ADF and their families are discussed.

We also have BBQ get-togethers to invite friends and family to have an afternoon out and a bit of a yarn with fellow vets.

We welcome veteran visitors from Interstate to all of our meetings/BBQ's

For further information on current issues see the VVAA National Website

The VVAA NT Rural Sub Branch has a premises at

135 Bees Creek Road,  Bees Creek

where all meetings and BBQ’s are held. See HQ Page.

VVAA NT Rural Sub Branch
PO Box 1861
Humpty Doo
NT 0836
135 Bees Creek Road
Freds Pass Road
Bees Creek
Contact Usmailto:ntruralsec@vvaant.org.au?subject=email%20subjectmailto:%3Cscript%20type=%22text/javascript%22%3E%3C!--%0Ddocument.write('%3Ca%20href=%22%26%23109;%26%2397;%26%23105;%26%23108;%26%23116;%26%23111;%26%2358;'+'%26%23110;%26%23116;%26%23114;%26%23117;%26%23114;%26%2397;%26%23108;@'+'%26%23118;%26%23118;%26%2397;%26%2397;%26%23110;%26%23116;%26%2346;%26%23111;%26%23114;%26%23103;%26%2346;%26%2397;%26%23117;'+'%22%3E'+''+'%3C/a%3E');%0D//--%3E%0D%3C/script%3E?subject=Contact%20Usshapeimage_8_link_0